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Starting a Small Business in Jamaica? Here’s what you NEED to KNOW

By: Kmar Henry          CEO   │  BIZ care   Consultation & Accounting Firm Edited by: Sheryl Bailey                     Pending BSc. in Management Studies (Accting Major) Date: Sept 19, 2019 With the Jamaica ranking among the top countries within the world to start or do business, it is easy to understand the vast influx of people from different descendants that seem to all want a slice of the cake that is pleasantly being shared economically within our country. From small towns such as Kellits and Old Harbour that are now booming economically, to the ever relishing fruit trees that the Kingston and Mobay city seem to bear continuously. Thus, it has now become increasingly important for our education system to understand the high magnitude that’s now being placed on our generations to be knowledgeable of the opened market that is now available both locally and internationally. Hence, we must admit that it’s now evident that entrepreneurship should be on the


By: Kmar Henry          CEO   │  BIZ care   Consultation & Accounting Firm Edited by: Sheryl Bailey                       Pending  BSc. in Management Studies (Accting Major) It is always said that most of the essential lessons that are needed to be learnt in life are taught at the most downwards slopes in our lives. Yes! It is at these moments when we feel bombarded, lack-lustered, drained and confused…confused towards our next moves, next journey, next chapter and even start asking ourselves ‘is this really the end?’ But let us look on the brighter side for a while from the perspective of a life which exemplifies the good, the bad and the ugly that can happen to someone, that saw the relishes of making the right decision/s to the ugliness of having to sit in slumber and watch her life swing in the hands of government authorities, awaiting their decisions, all due to negligence made on her path. Let’s take these lessons of relentlessness and resilience learnt by L

Six (6) Reasons why you'll need a TCC in Jamaica

By: Kmar Henry           CEO  │  BIZ care   Consultation & Accounting Firm Edited by: Sheryl Bailey                Accounting Clerk ǀ BIZ care   Consultation & Accounting Firm Since 2015, the Government has made various changes in relation to customs, bank, road licensing etc., that will now require the submission of a Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC). It is not hard to establish that these changes will mostly apprehend and be made accountable to those individuals who fall within the category of Small Business Owners or Self-Employed as they are the fore runners that use this important document. This is largely due to the fact that the government has implemented other means and ways to increase the collection of taxes and contributions, thus why it is extremely important for all individuals to be widely aware of how these changes may affect you in acquiring these required documents or services if needed. What's a Tax Compliance Certificate? A T

Aim for PROGRESS not Perfection

By: Kmar Henry              CEO │ BIZ care Consultation & Accounting Firm Perfection is probably one of the most highlighted aspects that deteriorates and strays many persons who have dreams of making themselves better in life. As explained by many successful persons worldwide; the true aim is to start from wherever you are, and then grow into that person that you need to in order to attain the life that you dream. This growing in sense is rather just learning along the way from every single mistake that was made. A factor that many of us still can’t seem to absorb as we seem to all have this complex view of success from an angle that we have to make some HUGE changes . An aspect and concept that I will try to breakdown in its simplest form from exposing the truth behind why PROGRESS is far more important than PERFECTION . Why is Perfection Poisonous ? When moving forward it is important to stimulate our minds from a view of simplicity, meaning; wh